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Model Selection and Serving for Generative AI Models
Quickly select, deploy, and scale models in production at a fraction of the cost using serverless GPUs and CPUs
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Stable Diffusion model


Whisper model


LLaMA-3 model


Bert model


Mistral model


Model Selector
The Autumn8 Model Selector is now live!
Announcing the launch of the Autumn8 Model Selector to choose the optimal model for your Generative AI application.
With tens of thousands of AI models currently available and new ones popping up everyday, choosing the best model for your application is a time-consuming manual task. Autumn8’s Model Selector reduces the time required by 50 percent. We select the optimal models for an application by analyzing each model’s capabilities using type of input data, model architecture, and a number of other parameters.
Model Server
Model Manager
  • Provides DevOps Automation & Simplification
  • Customer provides trained AI Models or Containers
  • Autumn8 packages, deploys, and manages deployed models
Inference Optimizer
  • Workload, System & Server-level optimizations (3-20x performance improvement)
  • Supports Foundation, Deep Learning & ML Models
  • Multiple cloud platforms and on-prem
  • Can be hosted in the customer’s infrastructure
Model Server
SLA Predictor
  • Estimates the performance of AI models across all available cloud instances and platforms prior to deployment
  • Recommends the best instances based on latency, throughput, cost, emissions, and energy consumption
  • Provides comparative analysis on model performance across various cloud and hardware platforms
  • Determines whether model performance is compliant with SLAs
  • Integration with Hugging Face and other Model Hubs
SLA Predictor

    Ready to Use Models
    LLaMA-3 Model
    Mistral Model
    Stable Diffusion Model
    Stable Diffusion
    Whisper Model
    Bert Model
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